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How To Take Free Online Surveys For Cash - Best Guide


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It is true that you take free surveys for cash and make real money while sitting in front of your computer. Many people doubt the eligibility of this money making machine mainly because of the scams that have surfaced all over the internet.  Besides the scams, you can take any free online survey for cash.

While some argue that you cannot make a lot of money by taking a free online survey for you to quit your day job there are those how claim to make a living out of it.

About 80% of the cash payout in paid surveys come from 20% of the free surveys. This means that about 80% of the surveys available online are not up to standard at all. These low payers are generally not worth the time and effort to participate in them. They just waste your time and wear you down. In general, paid surveys can take 10 to 30 minutes just for you to complete - see more here, and can reward you roughly $2 to $50 or get paid with incentives from $25 to $100 for as little as 15 minutes.

Taking free survey for cash requires you to identify the high paying survey companies online. The whole process to taking free online suvey for cash income and finding good paying surveys is a process that requires dedication and commitment because of the disappointments but it does bring a lot rewarding surprises as well.

There are many ways to be paid for taking paid surveys online, this includes cash, which is possible your interest hence your reading but it is important to note that there are other forms of payments like sweepstakes, gift certificates, vouchers, discount coupons, free products and contests that may offer something way more than a cash payment. So when looking into taking online surveys for cash, you should also consider the other forms of payment. These are discussed at length in another article in this website.

Before you sign up for any free online survey for cash, keep in mind that survey scams are a reality and if you are not careful you might end up being a victim of not one, not two but a lot. A legitimate survey company should not ask you for you credit card details or ask you to make any form of purchase. Companies are willing to pay YOU to provide your opinion not the other way round. You may only be asked to pay by those companies that keep a large database of the different survey companies. These may help you locate the best suvreys online but if you are just starting out it is always best to do the search on your won until you know who are legit and who are scams, then you can start paying someone to search keep you up to speed with new free online surveys for cash or rewards.

The payment period for internet surveys depends of the form of payment used - whether it is through a cheque, paypal or direct bank transfer. Usually survey companies allow you to set a pay out threshold e.g. $100 but some impose this. This means to get paid for taking their surveys, you need to accumulate up to $100. That could mean filling a couple of internet surveys and because of the random sampling process they use when selecting respondents the pay out time period may vary greatly. So the more surveys you fill the greater the cash payout will be.


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