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This article will review the basics of a paid marketing panel or paid online panel group. But to give a brief background - generally a marketing panel survey is a conversation held on a "round" table with someone called a moderator to control the flow of the discussion.

The participants are requested to share their opinions and insights on a specific subject such as one on catering , beauty, entertainment, leisure, travel and any other kind .  The groups vary by specific demographics by race like panel group strictly for Hispanics, or country based, by religion, education, income, career etc. This is one of the great ways to get paid for online surveys.

Take note that online Market research firms are not looking for professional survey takers; they are looking for a diverse group of panel members with some spare time that can offer their opinions on the latest products and services.

Online paid marketing panel or survey group

This becomes a reliable source for business to create new products and also improve their current ones. So now an online panel group is an internet based panel group where you can participate like the traditional offline panel groups as discussed above. Those who are requested to take part in these online panel groups are asked a series of questions through a chat room forum.

Find the best paid marketing panel

When you want to get paid for online survey by joining a paid marketing panel, we recommend that you join as many as you can in order to increase you r chances of getting invitations to take part in as many of the paid online panels as possible. There are a number of credible companies offering the best paid marketing panel packages. When joining, make sure you have taken some time to review these sites and read other people's comments about them. After all there are thousands of online survey scams these days and you don't want to become a victim of these scams. You can read the article about " internet paid survey scams " for more on this.

These include, Ipsos, Synovate Global Opinion Panel, Greenfield Online's survey panel , GMI's online panel, ACNielsen, eVox panel provided by Decima Research Company, Teen Surveys Lens for those who are under 18 years and OpinionSquare online survey panel. This is not a conclusive list so you need to do your own search.

Getting paid for paid marketing panel group

The fact that companies use the feedback from these panel groups to improve on their services and products makes it clear that these groups play a major role in businesses hence their willingness to pay handsomely for it. The amount of money you will make depends on the number of panels you join and the number of surveys you take. One thing is certain, you get paid for an online survey but the payments vary from one company to another.

You can be paid somewhere between from $2 and $25 per survey or you can get a sweepstakes entry to up to $30 dollars. or so for most 15 to 30 minute surveys. While this varies for different people; most people that join the majority of the popular paid online survey panels can make up to one to three hundred dollars a month, if they spend two to three hours per week taking surveys.


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