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How Much Time Do You Need To Take The Paid Survey


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The penetration of the internet has made it easier for more and more people to make money online. On average, most internet survey takers make between $200 and $300 every month.

There are those who report to make even more. A fact is, when you take legitimate internet surveys, you are rewarded for your time and effort.

The amount of money you can get paid for taking online surveys or internet surveys depends on the time you have to spare i.e. the more time you give to this activity the more internet surveys you can fill and hence make more money.

It is important to keep in mind that like any other online money making opportunity, it takes time to get paid a significant income taking internet surveys. You need to take some time to lean the how internet surveys work and all the mechanics behind it. If you don't you are most likely to become a victim of horrific scams. Remember that if you don't start with the proper survey companies from the start then you are well and truly wasting your time.

The more time you have for filling internet surveys the more money you stand to make. In general, paid surveys can take 10 to 30 minutes just for you to complete, and can reward you roughly $2 to $50. Some offer cash, usually $2 to $5 to fill out surveys that may take 10 to 15 minutes. The better ones can pay incentives from $25 to $100 for as little as 15 minutes. With focus groups you can get paid $50 to $150 for participating.

There are other factors that determine the amount of time you need to take an internet survey; These include the length of the questionnaire, the process behind filling in the questionnaire - some internet surveys may require you to go to a shop to review the products before filling in the questionnaire or may need you to use a product for a certain period before sending in your questionnaire and getting paid.

The survey companies quick to approve your finished questinnaire and they send you a check or pay by Paypal at the same time every single month. They pay out monthly at the same time every single month.

One most time consuming factor about online surveys is filtering them out to separate the gems from the scams. This is crucial however as you may end up wasting your time on scams and never get paid serious money or worse never get paid at all. Since most internet surveys takes just a few minutes, it is really up to you to decide how much time you want to spend. To maximize your survey invitations make sure you fill out all of the profile surveys for each of the online panels. This way you will be in a better position to get paid big time for taking online surveys.

The payment period for internet surveys depends of the form of payment used - whether is is through a cheque, paypal or direct bank transfer. Usually survey companies allow you to set a pay out threshold e.g. $100 but some impose this. This means to get paid for taking their surveys, you need to accumulate up to $100. That could mean filling a couple of surveys and because of the random sampling process they use when selecting respondents the pay out time period may vary greatly


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