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How to get paid for online survey


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online surveys have taken the internet money making industry by storm. It has become the alternative way to make quick cash for most people.

To get paid for online surveys is an additional bonus to your income and more than just getting paid for these surveys, you also get a lot of free stuff, extra rewards and free services.

As mentioned above, there many ways in which you can get paid for online surveys - it does not have to be a cash payment only. Each survey panel company has their own payment methods.

This is why it is important to understand the payment terms and methods before signing up to get paid for any online survey. The following are the various ways in which you can get paid for online surveys

You can get paid by cash

This is one of the most common methods survey companies use to pay for an online survey. The actual cash amount varies largely depending on the time needed to fill in the questionnaire, the amount of effort (some may require you to go to a certain shop to review the products), the importance of the paid survey, form of interview etc. for example, for a phone interview, a paid survey company can you up to $120 an hour.

Different offers are available out there. These include those that you can join to get paid $50 to $150 for participating in focus group panels for 30 to 60 minutes, those paying somewhere between from $2 and $25 per survey and $5 to $75 each. For participating in focus groups, you can get paid $150 and $4 to $25 per hour to watch movie trailers.

You can get paid by rewards

While some people may want to be paid cash, there are those who prefer paid rewards. These can be far better than the few dollars you can take home as hard cash. There are various forms of rewards given for taking any online survey.


You can get paid an for online survey through sweepstakes. you can get a sweepstakes entry to up to $30 dollars. or so for most 15 to 30 minute .surveys,

Competitions and draws

In order to offer something more lucrative, instead of distributing a few dollars to all members of their panel groups, online survey companies may offer an entry to BIG competitions. For example, they may offer a chance to win a Chance to win $100,000 just for you to voice your true opinion the subject matter.

There are a lot other methods to get paid for online suvey - these include, the use of a points system where you earn points for each paid survey and the points can be cashed in for cash payments or rewards, free air miles, and multiple contests, prize draws etc.

The survey company will bank your money earned until it reaches a certain amount say $100, you can then request the cash to get paid by cheque or into a paypal account.

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