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Should You Quit Your job For  free Paid Surveys? 


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This guide will look at how possible is it for you to quit your job for a free paid survey. So many people are turning to the web for a quick income generating source. With so many offering, from affiliate commission, pay per click to getting paid for taking online surveys, truly the choices can be confusing. For those who are certain about taking surveys, the question of sustenance still remains a hurdle.

Take some time to read through this paid survey review and other pages offered on this paid survey site. You will find a lot of answers on a variety of questions you might have pertaining to this online money making method.  

Now, to try and tackle the question of whether you should quit your job for a free paid survey or not - first of, let us make it clear that paid surveys pay very little per questionnaire filled. You can get paid as little as a few cents to a few dollars and most often it does not get to the hundreds.   

So does this mean you can't quit your job and focus on them, certainly not. Of course you can quit your job anytime you want to and paid surveys can sustain your living. The big question would be how costly is your life style. For some they need just a few hundred dollars to make it through the month, while other need thousands. So before you submit that resignation letter to your boss, compare your survey income with your cost of living & try to be very realistic with your budgeting . Look at the payment trends over a period of about 6 months to 10 months. If you are satisfied with this then you can consider quitting. 

By now it is becoming clear that our answer revolves around budgeting and your willingness to accept risk. Online paid surveys are risky because there is no guarantee that you will always receive questionnaires to fill even when signed up with the best online survey company.  

First of, you need to understand the process of filling in surveys & application process. For a thorough analysis you can read the article about taking free surveys for cash. In short, when you sign up, you receive questionnaires that you specifically qualify for, in terms of age, geographical location, income and more.

So in order for you to quit your job for a free paid survey you would have to join with as many companies as you possible can. This way, you can receive too many questionnaires that would pay you a few dollars each. At the end of the month, the sum total of the filled questionnaires would be enough to sustain your lifestyle.  

So when you receive a questionnaire, make sure you fill it out to the end. Make the company to love you so they can send you more.     

Let us end by saying that online survey scams are real. So you need to be sure that you are signed up with the right companies. Before you quit your job, try this quiz to see if you are ready.

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