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 International Paid Online Surveys Directory and Reviews – Details  


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If you want to provide your own opinion on certain products on the web,you obviously need some sort of website that will provide you with all the details you will need to successfully achieve that.Using international paid online survey directory and reviews/details you can find out which are the ideal places to use. This survey guide will provide you with a number of the sites on thisand the information they have. .

They also have details on how to join paid online surveys andguides on how to conduct them

Free Paid Surveys 

This site is committed to providing you with all the necessary information as far as online survey taking is concern. They have detailed information on more than 300 paid survey sites (reviews, news, articles and an incomparable survey forum).

This site comes with links to detailed information like paid surveys info, free paid survey forum,starter directory and free paid survey directories. Upon visiting their free paid survey directories you will run into numerous links too like links on US, Canadian, UK andAustraliansurvey directories. There are also international paid surveys that are open to all countries. You will also come across special interest surveys on music, teens, sports technology and medical or medicine.

International Paid Survey Directory

From this directory you will come across a list of all the panelsthat can be used by any country and thoseof particular countries. It is also possible from this directory to find recently added survey sites by sorting by“date” from the info box provided. From this directory you will also get details on whether a particular online survey company is international or not, its FPS rating and user rating.

There is also a brief description of theparticular online paid survey companyand a link that you can use if you are looking for more details.Upon visiting them I am confident you will realize that they have all theinternational paid online surveys directory and reviews/detailsat your disposal.

Paid Online Surveys Directory 

This directory owners pride themselves in having a directory that has only the best and free paid surveys on the web. All of their sites require no credit card, joining is free. You can go over the panels they have and get the ideal one for you to sign in. They also advise that it’s best to sign to many panels as possible so as to up your influence and chances of getting paid.

They also provide alink to paid surveys company reviews. Here they provide reviews onpaid companiesthat are in the US, Canada and those that are international.

Most of these online survey companies are interested in people from all over the world but some companies are only interested in those based in the US. From paid online Surveys directoryyou will be able to get that information.

For views of people who have participated in online paid surveys you can visit

Theabove mentioned directories will definitely provide you with all the international paidonline surveys directory and reviews - details you might be after. I am sure you will come across one or more panels that will suite your interests. So whatever yourinterests are, you will come across panels that have surveys on them. So make that extra cash by trying out these sites provided by these directories. All of these panels are genuine and there are links provided to take you to their websites for more details.


  • Free paid surveydirectories have information on more than 300 paid survey sites with links to their information. 
  • International paid survey directory has a list of sites that can be used by the whole world on those for chosen countries. With brief description of the panels this directory also provides links to their sites if you are looking for more details. 
  • Paid online surveys directory prides itself in having the best and legitimate panels that pay handsomely. They also advise on signing on as many panels as possible to make the most of these surveys. 
  • From these directories I am certain you will come up with more than one panel that will suite your interests. 

Additional Information 

Australian Free Paid Surveys  

This directory has the latest Australian paid survey sites to choose from. It also statesvividly that the panels are the ones responsible for choosing individuals who qualify for their surveys no matter where in the world they are. Since companies rely on public opinion on their products you might consider the sites provided by this directory for survey conduction.

 Be careful though to go for surveys that are on subjects you are familiar with. So from this directory you will come across companies that conducts local (Australia) and international (worldwide) surveys.

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