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 Review for Research Panels That Pay  


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A lot of companies pay quite handsomely for information relating to their products. They are always on the lookout for information regarding their products so it’s not hard to come across research panels that pay. In this survey guide we are to look at some of them and discover how they operate.

Survey Scout

This is an example of research panels that pay you for information you provide.

They pay between $1 to $15 or more for a survey and if you take part in their focus groups, you can make up to $100. Participating in phone surveys can have you making up to $10 an hour. You also get to try new products and also keep them!They have over 250 companies who are looking for your services.

Even as we speak they have hundreds of companies waiting foryour opinion.So whether you are a housewife, student, retired or looking to make some extra money,you can take advantage of this offer.

Platinum Panel

Being a member of this panel provides you with the chance to influence the products and services that are offered by the companies under Platinum Panel’s survey list. It is possible to make from around $10 to $100 per project that you get involved in. These include group discussions, taste tests, internet surveys to name a few.This research panel is part of the Horizon Group International.

Pine Cone Research Panel

This company which is at the moment accepting new members is said to be easy to work with. It pays relatively fair, $3 per survey. It impossible to get rich through online surveys but you can make a few extra cash from them. If it so ever happens that you take a very long time to reply to their surveys they will drop you from their list.

A number of members who have taken PineCone Research Panel surveys are quite satisfied with the company. Those who are interested in joining them are not happy though. Their only concern is that they can’t find the link to sign up.PineConeis known to be  very prompt when it comes to making paymentbut a number of its members are not happy that they reduced payment from$5 to $3. Some even decided to quit.

Resolution Panel 

This panel which is owned and operated by Resolution Research, upon visiting their site, you will come across answers on normally asked questions about how the company operates. These are questions like member questions, incentive questions, visa debit card questions, survey and group questions and miscellaneous questions. You can visit them for more details on

The only problem I have come to realize with some of these companies that conduct research panels that pay is that some of them do not notify their members when a survey is closed. KeyNote Research Panel members complain of the same problem. So you should be on thelook out for such problemsoccurring.

There are evidently an extensive number of the companies that do research panels that payto exhaust here. The above mentioned companies are just a tip of the iceberg. Even though they provide cash that will not make you rich, it wouldn’t hurt to make extra cash just for stating your opinion on a certain product. What makesthis moreinteresting is the fact that you get to keep these products. Now, to me, that’s one money making activity worth your time.


  • There are a number of companies that are willing to pay good money just for your opinion so as to have a picture of what people think of their product.
  • Survey Scout conducts surveys on behalf of these companies and pays from $1to $15 for a survey and up to $100 for focus groups.
  • Platinum Panel, part of the Horizon Group International,provides you with the opportunity to influence the products and services that their companies offer.
  • PineCone Research Panel on the other hand has a problem of not providing a clear link for those who are willing to join it.
  • Resolution Panel which is owned and operated by Resolution Research has answers to often ask questions on research panels that pay on their web page.
  • Some of these companies do not notify their members on a survey that has closed.
  • Taking part in these surveys is one way of making easy money and the good thing is that you can even keep the products you are evaluating.

Additional Information 

Palm Research Survey

This research panel paid survey has been recently established and sends its members two surveys per day to work on. Their referral program allows members to take 10% of all generated income from surveys.

This has a negative impact on the members since this take quite a while to be executed. Besides that Palm ResearchSurvey has a good reputation for paying on time and being reliable to its members. You can visit them at for more details.

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