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Are you looking for a way to earn extra cash with paid surveys? If so you should read this brief and concise review about the top paid survey company online. I’m sure it will be of genuine help and will go a long way in helping you with choosing a reputable company.

 How Do Paid Survey Company Online Works

 Firstly a Paid Survey Company or a marketing research

company helps clients such as government agencies, manufacturers; retailers discover the preferences of their products in the market.Surveys are vital for manufacturers because they help them improve the quality of their goods and services. They conduct a survey by sending emails to the targeted people and pay them a commission for their opinions. Before I waste any time explaining, let me give you  some of the top ten paid survey companies online.

 Top Paid Survey Company Online

  Brand institute is said to be atop paid survey company onlinethat conducts surveys mostly in the health fields. They conduct surveys for health care products, medications and drugs and other related products. This is a good money making opportunity if you are a physician, doctor, pharmacist or even patients, in fact if you are engaged in the health sector.  There is a possibility that you can money ranging from $10 to $30. Often you can get your commission through PayPal or a VISA. Signing up is quite easy, all that is required is your first and last name, email address, referral code and a password.

 Survey savvy is one of the top paid American survey companies on the web. You can earn money on this site when you have completed a survey form .  To become a member to this company you have to fill in your first, middle and last name on the membership form. Other details that are required include your postal address, zip code, city, state, sex, date of birth.

 Survey scout 

  This is another top survey companies that you can n join online. It as simple as A,B,C TO EARN extra cash with this site. With a single survey you can make $1 to $15. To make close to $100 a day, you can participate in focus group.With surveys via the telephone you can as much as $10 per hour. In fact there are so many products and services that are awaiting surveys from various companies. Click here .

  These are some of the top paid survey company online that you can join and start making money right away. With so much information, I hope you are now ready to get stared and get paid for online survey.


  • Brand Institute is one of the ideal sites that you can join and start making serious money online
  • Medical products, drugs and health care products are actively surveyed products online for Brand Institute.
  • Pharmacists, nurses’ doctors and patients are some of the people with good opportunities to make serious money on survey online with Brand Institute.
  • Survey savvy is an American top paid survey company online. It is ideal mostly for American citizens 
  • Surveys scout is another reliable site that you can get some rewards for taking surveys withthem. 

Additional Information

To increase the amount of money that you make, you can join a number of survey companies. You can even invite friends and relatives to make surveys; you will get a commission for that and increase the amount of money that you earn.


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 Other sites to Consider

  This is another site where you can get and fill a membership form and start earning money.

This is another reputable paid survey company that you can join online. To join in this site you will find a registration form where you fill details like your name, email address, Country, gender and date of birth.

This is another site where you can join and earn an extra $5 for giving a feedback on certain goods and services.

 Join and start making serious money by giving feedbacks in the registrationform of survey on

Do you want to make some extra cash, this is another top paid survey company that you can use fill in a registration form and conduct surveys.