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Finding the best legitimate paid survey companies online and how to they operate are some of the questions that will be addressed in this brief and concise paid survey guide. Simply go through this edition and find more about these companies.

 Before defining the roles and duties of survey companies, let me explain that a survey research provides reliable answers,

research and statistics that can help potential investors, shopping sites and government agencies in many aspects.The research could be based on a service, product, and health issues. They are very useful and for them to conduct the research they need you to do it on their behalf.

 Reasons forPaid Survey Companies

 As I have highlighted earlier, before a company or a manufacturer introduces a product or a service they need a survey on how many people would actually like the product. This helps them to include and provide certain features to improve the product. There is no way to know this unless they approach and hire the services of paid survey companies. Paid surveys companies would then contact market research companies who will carry out the research. Market research successful carry out the research by compensating users for their opinions by offering them cash rewards, prizes.  

 There is a joining fee for membership in the paid survey company. Joining in will give you access to survey sites’ archives. Here is a screenshot of the details that you will have to fill in so that you can access thedatabases of legitimate paid survey companies

 Freenumerous free online survey sites

There are also free online paid survey sites on the web. As you know free of charge items and services tend to be of less quality and unrealistic.  There have also been worries about mail spam once you join a program or sign for a newsletter on free survey sites.At least you can be a member to both kinds of paid and non paid survey companies. There are prizes and cash rewards that you can earn if you join paid survey sites. However I will not hide the fact that there are only a few worthy becoming a member of survey companies online.  With some of the paid ones you can sometimes face difficulties in getting back the investments let alone the profits.Click hereto access a panel that you can join and start working right away.

Examples of paid Survey companies

There are actually a lot of legitimate paid survey companies that you can sign up for free and start to earn money for conducting surveys.Some of these companies include Canadian paid service, My survey 123 and many more others. Here is how they work. The Marketing research company send emails to the targeted audience and request them to answer the questions. SurveySavvy.comis also one online research company that you can join.

The audience finds a link that they can click and it will land them on the site where they will answer the questions about the proposed service or product could be a new one or an existing one. The email also states that the commission that you will get on answering the questions.After the audiences have responded to the questions the marketing research company pays out the commissions through PayPal and Visas cards.

I hope that with the information you have just gone through regarding legitimate paid survey companies has been of great help. Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of paid survey companies .


  • A survey research helps a company know about the popularity and demand of their product or service
  • Manufacturers, Government agencies and departments, retailers are some of the people that need survey research.
  • A survey research is essential because it helps a manufacturer include some features in the service or good which would have been otherwise omitted hadn’t not a survey research had been contacted.
  • Before a company or a manufacturer introduces a product or a service they need a survey on how many people would actually like the product

Additional Information

You cannot quit your daily job and make a living through surveys; only unless you are very lucky as some reviewers have testified it. That means you can do it part time and to supplementthe money you get, you can only increase the number of sites from which you are getting the information from.

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