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Company Listing of Online Paid Survey Companies  


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Surveys are a form of research used by governments, health care providers, businesses and othersto obtain information or data from people on a particular subject.In this guide we are to look at the company listing of online paid survey companies which are relatively plenty. These survey companies pay you for participating in their surveys.

You should be on the lookout for a basic privacy policy from these companies since it will tell you in detail what will be done with your information. Now let’s go over some of them.

American Consumer Opinion 

This is a company which allows people to contribute their thoughts on certain things and earn money. The only thing you have to do with this company is to fill out screeners, short questionnaires or longer survey questionnaires. Based in Dallas Fortworth, this is a marketing research firm belonging to Decision Analyst Inc.Anyone can be a member of this company since registration is free. You can make from around $4 to about $50 if you participate in their surveys and you can earn more than $25 if you take part in their online focus groups.

The survey questions are relatively easy to answer taking 10 minutes for a regular survey to complete. The advantage with being a member of this company is that you get to receive surveysfor the whole year so you are assured income for the whole year.Click here to join or become a member.

Payment with American Consumer Opinion is normally done through the internet. This company provides numerous surveys a year and this helps companies to develop. So your opinion will go a long way in making a change here.


This company’s paid services have researches based on industries like music, film, games, business, and government.Music, film, and games lovers can take advantage of this company’s survey to earn money with their knowledge. The best thing from this company’s surveys is that you get to view, see, play, the latest products before they are even available in stores.   

Upon signing up you get to pick the type of paid surveys you want to conduct. The survey that you will be involved in would be those of your own choice, you won’t be forced to take surveys that are far from your interest. The products that you will be testing will be sent to you at home. You will then comment on them and get to keep them! Amazing isn’t it?So it’s a  double gain with this paid survey company.

ECN Research

This company is also in the company listing of online paid survey companies. There are a number of opportunities that come with being a member of thispaid survey company including free product sampling and other offers. This company is one of the reputable companies in this business.

 Being a member of this company enables you to share with your family and friends the excitement and even refer them to it. They then can also share their thoughts on the products. This online paid survey company is always on the lookout for new members to share their views and opinions.

There are quite a number of these online paid survey companies from paid surveys directory.These companies include Fusion Cash (from where you conduct surveys, enter contest and request samples), Global Net Panel (where you voice your opinionand receive Global Reward points for taking part).Global Test Market is different in that it let customers view and comment on products and use that information when producing new products.

Companies outsidethe US

There are also companies which operate outside the United States of America. These include the Canada Talk Now, Ciao,JustTheAnswer(UK), Light (Speed Australia), Valued Opinions (New Zealand).To view other companies in both the US and international you can visit Surveybounty.comwhich is asite that discuses them.

There are a number of sites that not only provide company listing of online paid survey companies but also provide information on how each one operates. So if you are looking to being a member of these online paid survey companiesyou can visit these sites. Paid surveys centerhas information on how to be a member of these online paid survey companies and how you will get paid. A number of people who have used this site really recommend it since it keeps them updated with surveys on offer.

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    Are you interested in joining one of the leading companies in market research? The following paragraphs will focus on the GMI panel reviews. GMI is one the leading companies that provide marketing intelligence solutions throughout the world.
  2. Paid Online Survey Companies with No Membership Fee
    Paid online survey companies with no membership fee are a good way to make extra cash. With the improved internet technology you can take your time on daily basis and conduct researches. All you need is to register with potential survey companies online.
  3. Top Paid Survey Company Online
    Are you looking for a way to earn extra cash with paid surveys? If so you should read this brief and concise review about the top paid survey company online. I’m sure it will be of genuine help and will go a long way in helping you with choosing a reputable company.
  4. Legitimate Paid Survey Companies
    Finding the best legitimate paid survey companies online and how to they operate are some of the questions that will be addressed in this brief and concise paid survey guide. Simply go through this edition and find more about these companies.
  5. The Best Paid Survey Company On Net
    With the growth usage of the net, a number of companies took that opportunity. The following guide will give details on the best paid survey company on net. This survey guide is designed for someone who is interested in doing internet surveys and looking for the best company. The article will also give the tips on best paid survey company.
  6. Market Research Company For Paid Survey
    Do you want to carry out market research for paid survey, if yes then read more?The following guide will give details on market research Company for paid surveys. It will give you an explanation of what market research is and also the benefit of using Market Research Company. The article is designed for some who is interested in marketing research.


  • The number of online paid survey companies is relatively widespread and one should be on the look for fake ones. 
  • American Consumer Opinion is one the online paid survey companies that are legitimate. Payment with this company as well as the others is normally through the internet. 
  • Choozzconducts survey based on films music, games and government. The good thing with this company is that you get to view the products and then keep them. 
  • ECN Research enables you to share with family and friends the products and their views on it. The company is always on the lookout for new members to share on their opinion. 
  • There are also online paid survey companies in countries like the UK, Canada, Australiaand New Zealand. 
  • These sites have information on the companies and details on how to be part of them. 

Additional Information

It is practically impossible to make a living through surveys. You can use them as means to get extra cashand they do not offer money for any extra hours that you put.Another [point to note is that genuine survey companies use certain criteria to determine who is legitimate to take part in their surveys so it wont be all surveys that you will be able to take part in.

You should also be on the look out for companies that want you to pay upfront. Those companies are not legitimate.

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